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Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Custom And Contemporary Rugs CA

new custom rugs william sofield 42dc

A Japanese carpet BB3959

Size: 6'1" * 3'

An Indian Agra carpet BB3151

Size: 17'7" * 14'3"

An Indian Agra Rug BB4980

Size: 8'4'' * 6'

An Indian Amritsar rug BB0450

Size: 23'2" * 12'8"

A Turkish Tulu rug BB4806

Size: 5'7" * 3'5"

Samarkand Square Rug N10671

Size: 13'7'' * 13'7''

CJ4 yellow

Size: 24'7" * 15'3"

Samarkand Rug 1 N10006

Size: 16'7" * 12'

Alhambra Design N10336

Size: 14'3'' * 10'3''

Bessarabian Rug N10637

Size: 24' * 20'

An Indian Amritsar carpet BB2280

Size: 12'8" * 9'5"

An Indian Amritsar carpet BB3815

Size: 19'6" * 9'10"

Parched Desert49

Deco Garden75


Spider Web55


A Persian Bakhtiari rug BB3726

Size: 16' * 10'

An Arts and Crafts Rug BB5119

Size: 12'7'' * 10'8''

An Indian Amritsar rug BB4283

Size: 14'7" * 11'6"

An Indian Amritsar rug

Size: 11'8" * 9'8"

An Indian Amritsar rug BB4344

Size: 15'10" * 12'9"

An Indian Amritsar rug BB1360

Size: 15'3" * 6'8"

custom rug 19ybii

Size: 17' * 12'

tibetan rug Surface Subtly

Size: 10' * 8'

A Persian Tabriz rug BB2215

Size: 12' * 9'3"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB1927

Size: 10'1" * 7'8"

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB2556

Size: 16'5" * 12'10"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB2825

Size: 14' * 10'10"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB2982

Size: 11'6" * 7'10"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB1544

Size: 16'4" * 10'9"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB0826

Size: 11'2" * 7'9"

A Persian Sultanabad rug BB4360

Size: 21'2" * 10'7"

A Persian Sultanabad rug BB3918

Size: 17'4" * 11'9"

A Persian Sultanabad carpet BB3389

Size: 22'8" * 15'

A Persian Tabriz Carpet BB0299

Size: 14'1" * 10'5"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB3193

Size: 20'9" * 12'9''

A Persian Tabriz rug BB3317

Size: 13'10" * 11'2"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB4741

Size: 6'1" * 4'5"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB4446

Size: 14'7" * 10'10"

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB0996

Size: 9'6" * 7'3"

A Persian Tabriz Rug BB5073

Size: 6'7'' * 4'10''

A Persian Tabriz rug BB0827

Size: 10'7" * 7'5"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB4212

Size: 22'6" * 12'4"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB4126

Size: 20' * 13'

A Persian Tabriz rug BB3445

Size: 17'7" * 13'1"

A Persian Tabriz rug BB3606

Size: 19' * 12'4"

We at Doris Leslie Blau are the carpet connoisseurs, have gracefully pledged us as a resource for antique rugs and carpets. Established in the industry as pioneers since 1965, we have dealt with providing a variety of carpets and rugs for our customers in a variety of range, color and designs. Our current owner Nader Bowler has been in the industry of rugs and carpet from his childhood. We do not perceive carpets as just carpets, but consider them as unique pieces of art which have a story embedded in them.

Our strength has been the ability to perceive essence from the antiques, understand the aesthetics of the current and we let creativity drive our mind into the modern designs. To support our theory about the antiques; we have our collection of Antique rugs and carpets, Vintage rugs etc. In aligning ourselves with the present day; we have a collection of new carpets. So also our range includes traditional designs and unique patterns irrespective of national boundaries. Our variety also includes Indian rugs, Turkish rugs, Chinese and Samarkand rugs, European & American rugs, Russian carpets etc. Catering to the modern day and futuristic requirements; we have our custom carpet department which provides custom designed rugs to the buyers.

Doris Leslie Blau has been grounded in rugs and carpet industry for the past 45 years, due to our passion in this unique and diverse eclectic art. Our Antique rugs and carpets as well as European carpets collection are unique and exciting, although they depict the history and variant cultures of the past. This unique collection has sensual and exciting qualities which make them dramatic historical examples of contemporary art. Each of our designs are made with styles contrasting, superlative and art- which accentuates the diversity into a homogenous piece of creativity.

Our goal and commitment has always been to put a soul into each design to make every room and project lively. We are committed to offer our clients a diversified selection of Antique rugs and exclusively Customized rugs. Located in the core of New York, we have played the role of purveyors and advisors for the past 4 decades to all our clients. Our clientele includes top architectural designers and some finest interior decorators around the globe. At Doris Leslie Blau, we always take pride in connecting and bridging the vivid gap of art, architecture and design through our key element of rugs. Rugs made of superior standard, at the same time providing our best quality of service.

Our specialized California Antique rugs are our strength and we have been providing European and Orientale rugs of best quality. We pride in stating that many of these rugs have provided the rooms with awards for finest interiors. Our collection of carpets and rugs includes the likes of Persian rugs which are known to be finely woven, Turkish rugs which are known for their oversize, Indian rugs well known for their unusual weavings along with exceptional antique Russian carpets, Spanish and French rugs. Also our collection is well known for the present 20th century arts including Art Deco, needlepoint, flat-woven and hooked example from Morocco and other countries. These can be very well seen in Chinese & Samarkand rugs, European & American rugs examples.

We have also established ourselves as leaders who provide new and customized rugs and carpets based on design and art works provided by well known designers like Alberto Pinto, Mariette Himes Gomez, Jed Johnson associates, Miles Red as well as fashion designers like Tommy Hilfigher and Nanette Lepore.

It really does not matter if you are an art collector, an established designer or an emerging decorator we at Doris Leslie Blau are confident in providing you assistance to find the perfect Antique, new or customized rug which will suit the time and budget of your project. We are committed to give all our customers something more special than what they are looking for. We assure that our quality and taste of art will definitely suit the eyes of our customers.

Service to the client in an exquisite manner and exceptional art quality are of prime importance to us at Doris Leslie Blau.

Some of the offering at our stores include;
- A variety of selection from over 1800 antique rugs which includes around 300 Tabriz rugs.
- We strive to provide our clients a highly professional conduct and service which is superior and consistent.
- Based on the requirement of the client and the room for which the carpet is being purchased we provide honest and experienced advice.
- Our website provides an information page and a search page which is convenient to use for the buyers.
- We provide a strict control over the quality and a customized service for carpet design which can suit any scheme.
- We also specialize in providing information on artistic and cultural history of carpets which is difficult to find.
- Full description and service for each variety.
- Assistance is also available for installation purposes.
- Since antique rugs can be reused we utilize recycled fibres in many of our new products thus providing options which are environment friendly.